Hoymiles introduction

  • Hoymiles is a world's leading microinverter company specializing in MLPE (Module LevelPowerElectronics)solutions for global solar investors & end users.
  • As one of the fastest growing solar inverter brands globally, Hoymiles has offered a safer, smarter & easier module-leve l MPPT & module-level monitoring microinverter in over 50 countries covering the United States, Europe, the UK, Aust ralia,LATAM, India, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Middle East & South Africa.
  • Back in 2008, Hoymiles was founded by 3 post-doctors as a R&D team in China’s National Power Electronics Lab based at Zhejiang University, one of the top 3universities in China and one of the top 60 in the world.
  • In 2015, Hoymiles microinverter achieved the world’s No.1 CEC peak efficiency - 96.7% in California, the United States, by which Hoymiles was ranked worldwide as the most efficient microinverter, in comparison with other reputable and respectable microinverter brands known among global installers & end users.
  • Today, 10,000+ commercial & residential roof-top installations (the biggest one 3.6MW) are built annuallywith different types of Hoymiles microinverters: single panel unit(MI-250/300), 2 in 1unit(MI-500/600/700) & 4 in 1 unit(MI-1000/1200).
  • With constant efforts of Hoymiles 500+ staff & local distribution/service partners all over the world, Hoymiles has established its local logistics & Service in over 20 countries, e.g. Germany, Netherlands,Poland, Estonia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Korea & India etc., LOCALIZATION combined with local warehouses, local training & local service centers keeps Hoymiles together with local customers 24/7/365.

Hoymiles milestone

  • 2011

    Successful design of microinverter with multiple international certificates.

  • 2013

    Hoymiles joins the writing of national compulsory standard of photovoltaic on-grid inverter.

  • 2015

    Hoymiles 250W & 500W microinverters enter USA, Europe & Australia. Over 10,000 rooftops are installed by Hoymiles microinverters globally.

  • 2017

    World's largest microinverter project (3.6MW) is built by Hoymiles with 6,000 units of 2 in 1 unit MI-600; Hoymiles is authorized as CSA testing laboratory.

  • 2008

    Establish R&D team of PV inverters in the National Key Power Electronics Laboratory of P.R.China.

  • 2009

    Complete the design of single-phase & three-phase PV grid-connected inverter, and start cooperation with Hangkai Group

  • 2010

    Successful design of smart modular on-grid inverter for PV power station in P.R.China.

  • 2012

    All series of Hoymiles 50kW-500kW smart modular PV on-grid inverters gain the certification of “CQC-SOLAR”; Hoymiles becomes a member of Hangzhou PV Association.

  • 2014

    Hoymiles microinverters are certificatied by CSA, BV, SAA and CQC.

  • 2016

    Hoymiles R&D team wins the second prize of National Natural Science Award of P.R.China.

  • 2018

    World's largest microinverter project (3.6MW) is built by Hoymiles with 6,000 units of 2 in 1 unit MI-600; Hoymiles is authorized as CSA testing laboratory.

Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc.