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Global distributors and installers training in Nov 2018

-- Published on November 12, 2018 / by Hoymiles Overseas Team

Hoymiles global distributor training was held as scheduled, from Nov 6th to 8th. International partners from all over the world joined Hoymiles for a feast and launched a three-day fantastic tour of Hoymiles. The headquarters, Hangzhou location offered a unique opportunity for our global clients to meet Hoymiles customer service staff, as well as see where products are designed, tested, manufactured and shipped.

During the three-day training, besides introducing Hoymiles superior product and after-sales service to the customers, the "hands-on" DIY section in the workshop brought good experiences and feelings to the customers. The customers were all enthusiastic and eager to have a try.

Through the training, we get to know not only to install Hoymiles microinverter systems more efficiently, faster and more profitable but also have the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of the powerful smart-grid and energy management capabilities of those systems and communicate the value to our customers.'' said the trainees.

The training finished with a perfect closing ceremony and an unforgettable night. Thanks for all attended international partners and clients. Look forward to our next better event.


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