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The first largest microinverter PV power station in South Africa

-- Published on May 15, 2018 / by Hoymiles Overseas Team

Recently, a roof-mounted distributed PV power station in Johannesburg, South Africa, was successfully completed. The project, which is all with Hoymiles microinverter MI-600(2 in 1) featured with “module level MPPT” and “module level monitoring”, has a system capacity of several hundred kilowatts and is the largest photovoltaic power station in South Africa so far.

"I was delighted to be able to work with Hoymiles on the Johannesburg project, which is the largest of its kind in South Africa so far,” said Ari Salkow, group head of PV solar at Ellies, Hoymiles’ local distributor. “In the future, we will continue our close cooperation with Hoymiles to develop ways to help users safely build and operate higher-yielding PV power stations. What we and Hoymiles have achieved here represents an excellent start in the South African market," added Salkow.

Hoymiles microinverter is well recognized by local users in South Africa because of its LCOE advantage. In the past, photovoltaic owners had been pursuing the cost reduction of initial investment, component prices and others, paying attention to how much cost per watt; But in fact, the ultimate goal for them is LCOE, which is how much it costs to generate once electricity. The lower the LCOE, the higher the station revenue.

Forget about “string inverters combined with optimizers” (2 devices with double failure possibilities), Hoymiles microinverter is “all in one” and with world’s top CEC peak efficiency 96.7% in 2015, still higher than any existing microinverters released before 2016!

Let’s welcome the new solar world with module level advantages:
- No single failure risk like one failed string inverter (e.g.3kW+) impacts the whole PV system!
- 22V startup voltage to ensure longer working time!
- up to 60V DC input to ensure 100% safety during PV system’s lifetime!
- 12 years’ standard warranty and lower than 0.18% failure rate to ensure better LCOE!
- Module Level MPPT and Monitoring to ensure best yield and on-site free (or drown is need) inspection!
- No DC wiring and extra DC cable/string box/components and much easier installation!

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