• DC Extension Cable

    Provides extended connection between microinverter & PV Panel. One side is MC4 Male connector and the other side is MC4 Female connector.

  • AC End Cable-F

    Provides the connection from the last microinverter to the distribution box. One Female connector with 2m 12 AWG cable.

  • AC Female Connector

    AC Female connector is used to make the AC End Cable-F or AC Extension Cable. IP Rating: IP 67

  • Screw

    Install one microinverter on the rail with 2 pcs of M8*25 Screw

  • AC End Cap-F

    IP67 AC end cap-F is made to lock the AC Female connector of microinverter.

  • AC Connector Unlock Tool

    Unlock the AC Connectors

Hoymiles Microinverter Accessories

Hoymiles offers a range of accessories such as DC Extension and AC end cable, connectors etc. to make your job easier and simpler.

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