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Why go solar

As the world shifts to more sustainable energy, more people than ever before are considering solar energy for the home. But why go solar? Is sustainability the only advantage? And what other benefits can you unlock by switching to solar and joining the energy revolution?

From saving money to future-proofing your energy supply and breaking free from traditional providers, the advantages are numerous. Solar is an investment that pays off now – and will continue to pay off for years to come.

Read on to learn how.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Major energy providers are slow to adopt green technologies. Some are embracing change and switching to sustainable ways of generating electricity, but fossil fuels remain an embedded part of how most energy providers work.

When you switch to solar, you’re reducing your dependence on the grid. The energy you produce isn’t harmful to the environment – it’s harnessing the environment. But it doesn’t stop there. By feeding excess energy that you don’t use back to the grid, you’re reducing the amount of energy that providers need to generate through fossil fuels. This compounds the impact on not just your carbon footprint, but the shared carbon footprint of the world.

Reduce your energy bill

Energy costs are a significant expense, particularly as we all consume more electricity in our homes. This is likely to increase even further with the rise of electric vehicles. Solar panels offer a free, reliable source of clean energy with no energy firm markups.

With efficient performance and the right storage, you can generate the vast majority of the electricity you need. Even if you still use some energy from the grid, you’ll be significantly reducing your spend for years to come.

Build a brighter future

Our planet is at the tipping point of a climate crisis. The future depends on everyone making smart, sustainable decisions now to safeguard the world tomorrow. And that means moving away from fossil fuels and harm to the environment as part of electricity production and supply.

Together, we can lead the change to a kinder, more sustainable future – one where energy is less harmful, wasted energy is reduced, and the planet is in safe hands.

Achieve energy independence

Most of us are dependent on energy providers for our electricity. They’re ultimately in control of where energy comes from, how it’s produced, and how much it costs. We’re waiting on our provider to take action. Sudden price increases? Whatever the energy provider changes is unavoidable.

Solar means you’re in control of your own energy. You can use electricity in your home, store excess for later use, and even sell it back to the grid in a way that makes sense for you. As a result, you can break your ties to big corporations and reduce your dependency on third parties for your power.

Live resiliently

We all depend on electricity in our homes or businesses – and that means we depend on our electricity providers to keep us connected. In the event of a power cut or outage, there’s nothing you can do but wait for your provider to take action and resolve the issue.

With solar, you can take a more intelligent approach to energy by controlling your own source, including storage and backups to keep you connected, whatever happens. In the event of an issue with your solar installation, you can take immediate action to resolve the issue at your own pace.

Increase your property’s value

Reducing your environmental impact and energy costs is a massive benefit for you – and that makes it a compelling feature if you ever sell your home. In a competitive property market, homes with solar sell for more than those without.

Investing in a ready-to-use solar installation is creating a valuable asset for your home. As a result, your property will stand out from others and, in the majority of cases, sell for more. So you can save money in the short term, keep saving in the medium term, and recoup more of your investment when you move to somewhere new.

Take advantage of incentives

To help people switch to solar, many governments and other public authorities offer incentives towards the cost of your installation. From tax credits to one-off payments and rebates, they’re effective ways to offset your investment and start seeing a return faster.

However, these incentives won’t be around forever. They’re designed to encourage you to adopt solar sooner – not when it’s already becoming ubiquitous. Taking advantage of them means getting ahead of the change and investing in solar sooner.

Prepare for the future of transport

We’re all gradually making the transition to electric vehicles. Major manufacturers have all pledged to eliminate new petrol and diesel vehicles within the next few years. Meanwhile, the average cost of an electric vehicle is steadily decreasing.

While this is significantly better for the environment, demand for electricity will surge. If you’re still dependent on electricity firms, that means your costs will surge too. Investing in solar energy is a great way to get ahead of your needs with an affordable, environmentally friendly way to fuel your vehicle.

Easy to manage and maintain

Working with your solar installation no longer requires specialist expertise. Solar boasts extremely limited day-to-day maintenance, while our smart monitoring app makes routine changes and monitoring simple.

For the most part, you can ignore your solar installation once it’s up and running. Maintaining your panels is as simple as an annual check and a regular clean by a trained professional. They can also help you keep your system optimized for the best possible performance, including checking for overhanging trees and other sources of shade.

Future-proof your energy costs

Energy from traditional providers is getting more expensive every single year. As traditional fossil fuel sources of energy become more limited, price increases are only going to get more regular and more significant.

Solar is an investment now that removes you from these rising costs forever. You can recoup your investment costs in just a few years, then never face another sudden price increase again. Even better, you can remove the need to constantly compare tariffs, energy providers and costs in order to get the most competitive price. Solar is the best deal, every time.

Earn a return on your investment

Once your solar installation is up and running, you’ll start seeing big savings on your electricity costs. This is true even if you still need to use electricity from the grid on occasion. However, there’s another way to earn a bigger return on your investment.

Any excess energy you create with your panels can typically be sold back into the grid. This process can be fully automated, happening in the background while you use your electricity as normal. As a result, you can offset your own energy costs even further and turn your solar installation into a smart way to earn.

Performance guaranteed

Solar is now a mature technology, where innovation is focused on improving performance and efficiency. That means that most solar panels, microinverters and other components are backed by long-lasting warranties. At the same time, professional installers have become experts on maximizing your energy production.

When you make the transition to solar, you can be confident your panels will keep delivering value, year after year.

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